The Patricia Hotel & Pat’s Pub join Team DANDERFER!

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, I know most of you think of me as just another clarinetist/composer/singer-songwriter/lothario/man-of-mystery.

But I am soooo much more than that.

Well, okay… I’m one thing more than that. I am also an entrepreneur!

And if you’re a freelance artist then guess what? You are too! And as entrenpreneurs, sometimes we have to think outside the box and work with others to achieve success, and sometimes, that means “selling” an idea to those people.

For many years my Dad used to say to me “The best thing you could do is get a job as a used car salesman. Everybody, no matter what they do, has to sell something.” Of course, I never did. Little did I know that years later, as a professional jazz clarinetist of all things, I would be on the proverbial ‘hook’ to make a sales pitch myself.

What lead me to this situation?

An idea.

An idea so good, so clever, and so obviously beneficial for all parties involved, that I had the responsibility, nay, the duty to propose it. When it hit me, I felt like the smartest guy in the room (okay, I was in the bathroom so I in fact was the smartest guy in the room), but a half-second later I was holding my head in my hands as I realized I was gonna have to pitch the damned idea myself.

So what is it Danderfer? What’s the BIG IDEA?! you ask…

It’s so simple!

Here I am, struggling to pay the costs involved with releasing my trio CD (including the cost of studio time, musicians, recording engineer, editing, mixing, mastering, design, layout, printing CDs, and basic promotion…10 grand easy!) And then it occurs to me, Many of the songs on this record (such as this one), were inspired by Jelly Roll Morton and his time spent living/working at The Patricia Hotel in Vancouver.. It’s such an amazing part of Vancouver’s music history, maybe they’d be interested in helping to support the project.

Well,… they were! And the simple fact that they’re on board is proof alone of what a good idea it is because I can assure you my salesmanship skills wouldn’t convince anybody!

More details to follow next week!

Thanks to The Patricia Hotel and Pat’s Pub for their support, to CBC Radio Vancouver for putting us in touch in the first place and thank you all for reading, have a great week!