Extra, Extra!: CD RELEASE PARTY FRIDAY MARCH 9, CDs Have Arrived, CBC Blogged About My CD. Now,… does anyone actually still buy CDs?

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, these last few weeks have been a very busy and exciting time for this ol’clarinetist.

Let’s see, the first album of my new record label, Reigning Parade, is finally in my hot little hands, and given how many bumps there were along the road and how many more there could have been, well, let’s just say I was relieved to finally have it. I was so happy I even took a photo of the DHL guy who delivered them.

What else?… I did an interview for CBC’s music blog (see here) about the story behind the new album, Swingin’ at the Patricia, and the CD release show (which, btw is this FRIDAY, MARCH 9 @ PAT’S PUB!). I also updated my ‘artiste profile‘ on CBC Radio 3’s website, including a few tracks from the new album. Check it out here.

And then of course, there’s my website. Knowing that radio play of the new album will bring on a ‘Dander-frenzy‘ of visitors to my website, it was up to me to update it a little. And when I say “me“, I mean “Steve Mynett.” Steve changed the home page to a rotating image thing (with a new photo by Adam Bullied), added a “video” page, and updated the “photos” page. Thanks Steve!

What’s next? More promo work to let people know about the March 9 show, and a “Swingin’ at the Patricia: Behind the songs” video and what else,… oh yeah,… I gotta start practicing again for this CD release show!

Hope to see you this Friday. Thanks for reading and have a great week everybody!
(above top photo by Adam Bullied)

  • Shauna

    Wow.  Those are some sexy legs.  If this album doesn’t go platinum then the masses are wrong.  Sex doesn’t sell.