Hooray!! 1st half of my new album now streaming at ReigningParade.com and… part 2 of my Mea Culpa to Weeds!

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, I am an inconsiderate bastard… and yet so giving!

First, the giving part. I know many of you “couldn’t come” to my CD release and I get it, who wants to feel pressured into buying a CD which for all you know might not be worth the plastic it’s printed on. I get it! And that’s why I’ve made the 1st half of my album available for streaming at reigningparade.com, my record label. Check it out here.

And now the other part. I might just be an inconsiderate bastard, or at least downright absent-minded.

How else can you explain the fact that on my label’s debut record, “Swingin’ at the Patricia” (available EVERYWHERE now!), I forgot to mention in the liner notes where much of it was recorded: The Jazz Cellar. A bit thoughtless under normal circumstances, but you see, the club and it’s owner (Cory Weeds) have been extremely helpful and supportive towards me starting my own label, Reigning Parade. And so it is doubly troubling that I omitted them/him in the liner note credits.

So there you have it. All cards are on the table, and it looks like that’s just the kinda guy I am. In the words of Weeds… “What a jack-pipe!

So mea culpa Cory, and thanks.

Speaking of Weeds, I’ve recently interviewed him regarding the future of the recording industry and it will be posted on the blog of Reigning Parade on Monday. So if you’d like to find out what the future holds, check it out here on Monday.

That’s all for now as I have to get ready to make the epic voyage to the house of Chops GRANDE (pictured above right) and Mrs. Chops GRANDE, ie. Oak Bay, Victoria.

Thanks for reading and have a great week everybody!

(above photo by Steve Mynett)