HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE gives it all in the club AND the studio.

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

We did it! THE HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE sold out both nights at The Cellar last weekend and then went into the studio yesterday and rocked it for 9 tracks!

And I’m spent! I mean really exhausted. And I imagine the rest of the band feels the same way after giving it their ALL in the studio.

The studio itself, called “The Warehouse,” was just beautiful too. You can see it here. Apparently it belongs to Bryan Adams, so if you’re reading this Bryan (and I have to assume you are), let me say well done! I felt like a goddamn rock star recording there.

The recording team included Matt and Dave Graham engineering the session with Chris Gestrin overseeing the operation, and Brad Turner was the “recording day producer” hanging out with the scores, delivering comments.

What can I say? The music came together at the Cellar, delivering two exciting shows, and they just kept on delivering in the studio. So thanks to Chad, Derry, Slaps, Rod, GRANDE, CG, Chris, Jack, Joe, and Maskell.

Also, big thanks to Cory Weeds and all the Cellar staff for having us at the club and helping to make for a great weekend.

Okay, I gotta continue drinking now and then go to sleep. Thanks for reading and have a good one everybody!

(above photo taken in the studio by Steve Mynett)