Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

As most of you know, we are just one week away from THE HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE Summer Kick-off Party! June 8/9 @ The Cellar (reserve early here!) And if you didn’t know that, then clearly I haven’t been shoving that info in your face hard enough.

This party was also known as the “Pre-recording party” (we’re recording our 1st album for Reigning Parade Records on June 11) but I’ve decided that “Summer Kick-off” just sounds more fun.

Now, I know this band just played 7 weeks ago but this show is gonna be even better (we’ll have rehearsed twice before June 8/9!) and we’ll have some new tunes courtesy of yours truly. And while I don’t like to constantly request for people’s “support” (ugh, that sounds so sterile) we actually could really use some great audiences so for the love of God, copy my little poster above and please help spread the word. (Also, there are videos of the band from our last gig that are easy to share here or here!)

And with that, I gotta wrap this SMNP up ’cause there’s sooo much more work to do before our rehearsal on Sunday.

Thanks for reading everyone and have a terrific week!

  • John Doheny

    Very cool, brah. Wish I could be there, but I won’t be in Vancouver till the last week of July, unfortunately.

    “we’ll have rehearsed twice before June 8/9!)” Wow! Howdya pull that off. The last time I played vancouver with my own band (2008) I was still teaching tunes to the drummer on the van ride up from Seattle. 

    “I’ve decided that “Summer Kick-off” just sounds more fun.”

    It sure does, but aren’t you jumping the gun a little? If memory serves, “summer” usually doesn’t “kick off” in Vancouver till around the first week of july.:-p