On the hunt for a new mouthpiece.

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, anyone who knows me knows that I am a simple man. When I find something good, I stick to it.

This is why I’ve been playing Richard Hawkins mouthpieces since I was 16 years old. Richard didn’t even have his brand of mouthpieces at that time, it was a prototype that he gave me while I was studying with him at Interlochen. It was easy to play, sounded good, and (most importantly) it had the potential to sound fucking amazing,… at least when Richard played it.

Yes, there are thousands upon thousands of mouthpieces out there, but where other “gear-heads” would be curious to try something new out every so often, I was content to let that which was not broken remain unfixed.

But in recent years my personal sound concept has changed a little. Especially since I began checking out more of the old New Orleans players such as Barney Bigard and Johnny Dodds, the sound I’m looking for has been steadily veering away from the classical sound that the Hawkins mouthpieces were designed for. Also, I’m not playing in a concert hall full of hushed, attentive listeners; I’m playing with bands like The Hummingbird Brigade for heaven’s sake! I could use some more volume over here!

So I’ve been asking around and trying some mouthpieces, trying out a Brilhart 3 that’s pretty cool and I’ve tried out the new Theo Wanne “jazz” mouthpiece (which is very interesting and I want to try out the other sizes). And I gotta say,… I really don’t like trying out a whole bunch of mouthpieces, which of course require different types of reeds, and reed placement, etc. etc. It just goes on and on.

However, I’ve come up with an idea that might solve the issue of mouthpieces and my inherent laziness. I just called Richard Hawkins and told him what I was looking for in a mouthpiece and lo and behold it looks like he’s going to find/create some tests and let me try them out.

Okay, it’s late at night now and I must sleep.

Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone!