The Traveling Dandy: “A Place To Stay Forever”

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a city boy moving at a country pace. My idea of “roughing it” is a picnic without stemmed wine glasses.

Every so often though, I’ll venture out via air-conditioned vehicle to a smaller city within the countryside, a city in the Okanagan Valley of B.C. called Penticton“A Place To Stay Forever”, or in my case “A Place To Stay ’til Wednesday While You Watch Olympics With Grandma Danderfer.”

The Okanagan Valley is the fruit basket of B.C. and man is it beautiful out here! Located between two lakes and surrounded by rolling hills of fruit orchards vineyards, it’s a terrific vacation spot. In fact, it’s so popular with BC and Alberta residents alike that there isn’t a single hotel/motel room left to stay in this weekend. Which of course doesn’t affect me since I’m staying at Grandma’s house, delicately nestled in a gated community full of identical houses and man-made waterways. It’s great, it feels,… right somehow. These just might be my people.

Quick, someone give me a pipe, a sun visor and a garden gnome. I’m ready!

But wait! I CAN’T GET IN ‘TIL I’M 55!?! AARRGGHH! Thwarted again.

Well, looks like I’ve got 20-odd years to tread water play my clarinet while I move up the waiting list. Hmmm,… what time is it now?

Okay, back to the music.

I’m going through the rough mixes of THE HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE‘s studio recording and it’s sounding pretty damn good. Very excited to get this album finished and out there for you!

I’ve got some new Richard Hawkins mouthpieces on the way to my place. Very eager to try those out.

And of course my next BIG show is coming up. Well, actually, it’s not. I don’t actually have a big show coming up. I guess I better do something about that.

Alright, I’m tapping out of this SMNP! Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone!

(above painting: “Gated Community” by Amy Casey)