Extra, Extra: Georgia Straight’s Alex Varty Exposes Me, Let the Endorsements Begin, and Making 84 yr-old Hearts Dance Again!

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, I gotta say, it feels pretty damn good to be James Danderfer this week.

My trio show (with “Sugar-Joe” Poole and Chris “24-7” Gestrin) at the Cellar was a blast and my 1st trip to Calgary was fantastic! Huge thanks to Mark DeJong for asking us to perform at the Canmore Opera House, for carting our asses around Calgary, for lunch, for organizing our jazz clinic at Mt. Royal University (along with Jim Brenan) and for being patient with me at 5am when I could barely pull my sleepy self together to get the airport. You’re the man Mark!

Calgary’s Heritage Park was a real treat as well; the Canmore Opera House was a beautiful and intimate heritage venue, and the staff/organizers were an absolute joy to work with. Finally, the audience was terrific. One lady came up to me and told me our music had “made an 84 year-old woman’s heart dance again.

BOOM!! Now THAT is the appropriate reaction to a JD Trio show! Nailed it.

Moving on, the Georgia Straight features an interview of yours truly this week. Alex Varty conducted the interview and we quickly got to core of my nature; I am a violent, violent man. Or at least, that’s the impression you might get from the text below my photo if you didn’t know that “cutting heads” is jazz-slang for one-upping a fellow musician on stage, which,… I don’t really do, but hey, drama sells newspapers and let’s be honest folks, nothing can match the vibrancy of blood painted walls. Am I right?… Who’s with me?

Finally, I am excited to announce a Danderfer endorsement by Légère Reeds. That’s right! Cat’s outta the bag! That silky sweet tone your accustomed to listening to day in and day out? That’s produced from a synthetic reed. I’ve been playing Légère Reeds for over 10 years and now, I am finally a Légère Ambassador. And why was I selected to be the new ambassador?

Come on! Isn’t it obvious?! I’m James Danderfer.

… and I, um… emailed Légère and asked for the endorsement.

Point is, endorsements have begun. So Nike, Coca-Cola, and Tobacco companies? If you’re reading, and I have to assume you are, I am ready to be the new face of your product. Call me.

And on that note, I gotta wrap this SMNP up. My amazing week is wrapping up in the bountiful oasis that is Mr. & Mrs. Chops GRANDE’s house in Oak Bay, Victoria. Time for me to take part in oversee some turkey dinner festivities!

Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone!

  • Guy

    Turkey dinner? Is it some kind of holiday I’m not aware of? Of course, every day is a holiday for me.

  • James

     Well, we figured it would be easier to do Thanksgiving dinner a week early so as to avoid the jam packed ferry travel.  Is their anything in particular I should do in your old stomping grounds?

  • Snarkle

    Hey, James: I don’t write the cutlines! (You know, the the little blurb below the photos…) But I often wish I did…

  • James

     You don’t?!  Haha, that explains it.