2012: James Danderfer’s year of the hat trick.

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, I’ve been remiss in my SMNP duties, which I’d feel bad about except that I am instead using all available time to release more and more hot Dander-tracks for your enjoyment.

For example, THE HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE album is now on the music page and available for purchase via iTunes download or via CDBaby if you want hard copies to give as Christmas presents to EVERYONE you know. And could possibly be more festive than this contemporary, aggressive, rockin’ take on New Orleans brasses band music. Even my Grandma likes it! Her exact words were “What a racket!” But I’m pretty sure what she meant was “What a joyous, joyous, holly jolly Chistmas-style racket!”

So that’s two albums out on my new label Reigning Parade in just one year.

But wait! What could be even more exciting than two new albums?


Well, two albums and an EP to be exact.

Remember that electroacoustic album I was talking up a few years back?

No. Of course you don’t! Because that was YEARS ago!

I wanted to add some more tracks before releasing it but at this point, I just want it to be “out there” like my trio album and my 11-piece album. I want people to be able to hear it for themselves so I can finally stop trying to explain what the music is like.

So stay tuned! More updates on this and other things next week.

Thanks for reading and have a terrific week!

  • Ed

    Hey there! Amanda and I had a good laugh reading your post.
    Hope you’re doing well enjoying your art.
    Let us know if you have a moment to talk, how about a Skype Dander-view during Xmas holidays??


  • James

     Yes, that sounds great.  Just email me when’s good for you.