VSO School of Music jazz program? Don’t mind if I do.

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, I’m pleased to announce that the long wait to be edified by yours truly in a state of the art facility is OVER. Every Saturday (and possibly other days) you can find me, adorned with pipe in hand and elbow-patched tweed jacket, spouting wisdom about all things jazz clarinet/saxophone related at a little place called The VSO School of Music.

I’m honoured and excited to be a part of this Vancouver all-star team of jazz musicians headed up by Department Chair Jodi Proznick. This is a brand new program, and as such it will grow and evolve over the next couple of years. What I can tell you is that the program is open to all ages and it’s all about the music, which is to say that it’s not a University type of music program with thousands of hoops to jump through and required academics. Think of it more as a conservatory, or a boutique conservatory perhaps… that sounds even nicer.

Bottom line: Great teachers and an extensive range of courses covering instrumental basics, improvising, composition and arranging. It’s that simple! Check out the website here for more information.

As I mentioned above, I’ll be teaching both clarinet and saxophone. This may surprise some people as I my last 3 albums have been focusing on the clarinet and bass clarinet. But rest assured, I still got it on the sax! (And by “it” I mean… whatever it is that I had). The saxophone is like my Cinderella: beautiful and locked away in the basement but always ready to go to the ball!

Don’t believe me? Then go ahead and sign up for a year or two of lessons with me right now and find out for yourself! Go ahead. I dare you.

Tonight is “meet the faculty” night at the school should you want to come out and meet your destiny from 7-8pm.

Finally, I think I’ll wrap this up by suggesting that any and all jazz students reading this should check out this set of educational videos by the great pianist Bill Evans. It’s a perfect summation of my approach to learning jazz,… mostly because I stole my approach from Bill.

Thanks for reading, and I will try to post a little more regularly now that I’m an esteemed music professor.

  • Amanda zhao

    Cool! Does your school propose online course ?:)